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Expected Titling Timeline

Last Updated: 27.03.2020


We are pleased to provide the latest updates on works and construction within our growing community.

A lot has happened at Westwood since the start of 2020, with Stage 1 & 2 settlement successfully completed as of January.

We have exciting news, as we see, Stage 3 received Title Registration and upcoming settlement anticipated by 18th February 2020. The project is rapidly taking shape to become the growing community it envisions to be.

Our sincerest congratulations to our stage 3 purchasers!

In Stage 4, all essential services have undergone testing and auditing by the relevant Authorities, with Statement of Compliance issued. The development team is now in the process of lodging the Plan of Subdivision with the Titles office.

We strongly encourage stage 4 purchasers to get in touch with your financier and solicitor to ensure all necessary documentation is complete and ready of settlement.

Sewer and drainage works are currently underway in Stage 6. In this construction phase, essential infrastructures are laid down, connecting every lot to the waste and water systems, ensuring the wellbeing of the future community.

Please find approximate timings in the table below of your stage:


Stage Status Title Documentation
1 Titles Office & Settlement Complete
2 Titles Office & Settlement Complete
3 Titles Office & Settlement Complete
4 Titles Office & Settlement Complete
6 Sewer & Drainage September 2020
8 Titles Office & Settlement May 2021

Construction Timelapse

Construction Timelapse

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